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Why MTN Business?

Why MTN Business?

Why MTN Business?

Welcome to the New World of Business…​

The birth of the connected age has changed the way we do business. It’s a New World, an exciting world that’s filled with opportunities. Connecting is a powerful metaphor for IT and business. People, resources, data and ideas—linked and tagged, tweeted and texted, followed and friended.

MTN Business, the Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) of MTN, whose global footprint spans 23 countries in the Middle East and Africa, is leading emerging markets into this bold, new digital world. The business enabler of choice in Africa, we realise that continuous investment is paramount to guarantee clients receive business solutions aligned to their current and future needs.

MTN Business leverages its African footprint, providing fully converged, one-stop, 360-degree information and communication technology (ICT) services with the largest range of mobile and internet-based communications solutions.

​At MTN Business, we empower you to move into the New World of Business and reach out into a universe of unlimited potential.

Explore our new-world business technologies and see how they can help your company to unlock its true potential.​​