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Speaking to the people whose needs you are ideally positioned to address is not always easy. Advertising budgets are reserved for major product launches, and campaigns often take months to prepare and approve. When it comes to direct marketing, bulk emails are considered spam and rarely reach their destination.

Their obvious alternative is Bulk SMS or MMS which do not face wire walls, can be distributed locally and internationally, as well as are more likely to be opened and read immediately than emails. If the person receiving your SMS is disinterested they can opt out.

Speedy SMS marketing capability is surprisingly cost-effective. With our easy to use software, you can put your message right in the hands of your target audience be them clients or employees, irrespective of their location and when you send it.

What does MTN Bulk SMS offer your business?

  • A cost-effective direct marketing channel to your data base
  • A pay per use model
  • Access to a portal for subscription, SMS sending

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